On 7th May 2014, Hotel Management of Binus University gladly welcomed the representatives of Padma Hotel Bali (Ibu Sri and Bapak Daniel) and Padma Hotel Bandung (Bapak Janu). They visited Anggrek Campus to conduct an interview to recruit students for OJT Programme. Instead of doing Skype interview, Padma Bali and Padma Bandung prefer to visit the schools and universities who had sent their students to attend the OJT Progamme earlier.

Padma Bali and Bandung
Before interviewing the candidates, Ibu Sri explained facilities at Padma Bali, and Bapak Daniel explained how the training programme will be held. The trainee will be under supervision of HRD and will need to adapt with Balinese culture which might be different to the culture on Java Island. The Balinese public holiday is a bit different from the general calender in Indonesia since they follow the Balinese holy days. After attending the training progam, Padma Bali guarantees job vacancies for those on the top ten best list. The presentation was continued by Pak Janu, who explained about facilities at Padma Bandung and the uniqueness of a spectacular hill view.
After the presentation was the the time for interview with the candidates. The candidates were Junice, Surya (Pastry Dept), William (Kitchen Dept), and also Keimmy (Front Office Department) at Padma Bali and Friska Lukas at Padma Bandung. Fortunately all of the candidates were accepted and started the OJT Program on 10th July for Padma Bandung, and 16th July for Padma Bali.
May the good relation among these industry partners long last.