Tourism and hospitality industries offer the best employment and business opportunities. They are progressing at enormous speed in all parts of the world and are growing to be the largest provider of employment opportunities in the century. However, the industry is growing faster than it can supply qualified people at managerial levels. The industry is also facing a shortage of the skilled workers.

As a people business, hospitality and tourism mainly relies on the quality of service. Managers of tomorrow of this industry need to have the advanced academic background and perfect understanding of relevant technologies. Only those who acquire such demanding skills will have the advantage for the best employment opportunities in the hospitality job market. Clearly there is and will be considerable international demand for highly skilled, management-qualified professionals to promote the growth.

Entering the 21 century, the wave of globalization is getting stronger and open up opportunities for every nation to go in. Indonesia must be able to compete successfully at national and international levels. Therefore, Indonesian manpower must be skillful and professional in their respective jobs.

To anticipate the demand of well-qualified human resources in the tourism industry, professional training and education in the hospitality and tourism field is highly important.

Therefore, to be part of the above contribution, BINUS UNIVERSITY opened new programs, Hotel Management and Hospitality and Tourism Management to provides students with a range of relevant knowledge and skills to prepare them for great careers for working in any part of the world, as well as a global player in the hospitality industry.