ArtotelARTOTEL Jakarta-Thamrin is an art inspired urban boutique hotel that features original designs by many talented young Indonesian contemporary artists. The arts are proudly supported, promoted and exhibited periodically by ARTOTEL every now and then, so that your visits are worthwhile and full of surprises! Inside their room is pretty much like going inside an art gallery, since the walls will just be filled with masterpieces. In Jakarta, this German based hotel is located at Thamrin and you won’t be able to miss it, cause of the artsy exterior they have, it’s like a graffiti haven! The hotel might not be so huge in Jakarta but they do own more than 100 rooms, a restaurant, a rooftop bar, a meeting room, and of course, an art shop and art gallery. The basic qualities of their staff are dynamic, self-motivated, friendly, team spirit and English speaker, you’re comfort is their number one priority! Their homegrown signature restaurant is called RoCA, which opens 24/7, since it’s the only restaurant here, so breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or whatever in between can all only be found here. From the EAST to the WEST, RoCA offers a culinary experience to razzle dazzle your taste buds or just simply a comfort food to ease your stay at ARTOTEL Jakarta-Thamrin. From the very first step inside the hotel to everything else, this place is covered with amazing arts featured by talented artist, such as; DARBOTZ, YKHA AMELZ, EddiEhaRA, MARSIO JUWONO, ZAKY ARIFIN, OKY REY MONTHA, and WISNU AURI. Be sure to check out their masterpieces accompanied by delicious foods from RoCA to enhance the experience of your stay here at ARTOTEL Jakarta-Thamrin!