Coffee nowadays has been widely favored among the public of Jakarta. A lot of coffee enthusiast can almost be found in many places and it’s not only those traditional black coffee but the ones that have been properly processed like a classic cafélatte or a nice cup of cap (cappuccino). Now, because of that fact, many coffee shops have risen above ground all over Jakarta and one of them is Tanamera Coffee. This is a place where they serve perfect coffee and they’re not just your usual coffee shop but also a roastery. Many of their ‘beans’ can be found at famous high-end restaurants, such as; The Fctry Bistro & Bar and also Shirokuma, which is understandable, since their coffee is freshly roasted in-house on Diedrich Roaster. They’re really passionate in what they do and they take coffee really seriously. By adjusting the roasting profile for each coffee, they are able to bring out the delicate flavor, notes, and aromas that are characteristic to each variety, processing method and origin. They go by a unique style of using traditional methods and yet continuing experiment to create great coffee throughout Indonesia. One of the baristas here, Mohammad Aga is also the 2nd winner of Indonesia Barista Championship 2014 with a score of 549, which is just 6 scores away from the 1st winner, Yosua Saputra Tanu from Common Grounds, who is also going to represent Indonesia in World Barista Championship. Indonesia is one of the producers of good coffee beans, so it’s a wonderful news to know that Indonesia’s own citizen is taking coffee into a more serious manner!