Food and beverage (F&B) industries have become instantly popular nowadays in Jakarta and alongside with that so as coffee and because of those facts, this new restaurant is the perfect definition of it! Chronicle is located at Dharmawangsa area and being a child of Wilshire and Common Grounds, the coffee beans here are all supplied by the well-known coffee shop and with a good processing, it’s certain to be a perfect cup of coffee, also the food is worthy of the same level as Wilshire. The interior of the place is not made into a luxurious theme like Wilshire, but a more laid back, your everyday café kind of place! Wooden furniture can be found in every inch of the place and considering they aren’t too wide, they could still create a nice atmosphere, though the only set back is the lack of parking space, which should be noted! Like most restaurants in Jakarta, they also provide an outdoor as a smoking area and indoor for the non-smokers, which is the most effective way of separating the two. Chronicle is not only a place to dine and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, but it’s also a cocktail bar! So now we have a place to go whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or even at night!