Who has not heard word of Front Office or Reception? Yes..you may find Front Office staff at the first place you enter hotel lobby.

Front Office is one of the Department in hotel whose responsibility is mainly to handle guest’s needs from the first time the guest book the room, during their stay and until the check-out day. Is it difficult to learn Front Office daily operation? Basically what you need in order to be success at Front Office Class is the confidence and the willingness to learn communication skill. Why do you need self-confidence to learn this subject?

Please take a look at these reasons:

  1. Smile
    You need to smile as part of the practice. From the first day, you will be asked to smile and during the class you will be reminded to smile a lot. Cheer up guys. Foto 1.Smile
  2. Eye contact
    In order to serve the guest professionally, you need to do eye contact. If you are not confidence enough, then most probably you will communicate to your guest by looking at the computer all the time.Foto 2.Eye Contact
  3. Gesture
    Please do not bend your back. You are wearing a professional attire, then please be proud by standing upright. If you bend your back, the guest will think that you are not professional. When you need to show something to your guest, please use the proper hand or finger. Do not use your index finger alone. Shake hand firmly and properly, do not hold too tight or too loose.Foto 3.1.Stand Upright
  4. Live role play
    Last but not least….let’s practice outside the class or the lab. Let the real crowd (such as campus lobby) be the perfect place to challenge yourself. Let’s do role play such as picking up the guest from the main entrance, greet them and escort them to the reception by showing and explaining the hotel facilities. You will need huge confidence since it is done in public place and you need to communicate properly as well as you have the good knowledge of hotel facilities.Foto 4.1.Live Role PlayFoto 4.2

It is fun isn’t it??? Prepare yourself and see you at the class…