Nowadays, beaches represent the main focus of global holiday tourism; they have become an icon of contemporary tourism (Holden, 2000). The rapid growth of coastal tourism in the last 40 years is one of the major reasons for the urban-infrastructural development of these coastal areas and consequent coastal environmental problems (Hall, 2001).

The question of sustainability is particularly important in the context of coastal tourism, which is an activity at the interface of humankind, land and Water (Ramachandran et al., 2005).

Tirtamaya beach, a local famous beach in Indramayu, west Java. This beach is the most famous one amongst other beaches around the region, this is because the beach is directly operated by local government. This beach has become the most popular tourist destination in the region, but the plan and arrangement of the beach by the local government is bad. The effect is shown by the degradation of tourist experience. This promising activity for local econo-mies has started to show signs of degrading the environment, which affects both ecological status and the recreational experienceof tourists and thereby becomes counterproductive for host communities (Fullana & Ayuso, 2001; Priestley & Mundet, 1998). Serious effort need to show by the local government in managing this local core tourist destination. The sea beaches perform, in this context, a fundamental role where the issues related to planning and management are increasingly more important when it comes to the implementation of sustainable development strategies (Silva et al., 2007).

The author would like emphasizing this issue in cleanliness, un-organized local enterprises. The cleanliness awareness of tourist quiet bad, but in another hand, the rubbish bin is rarely seen in the area, which supposedly provided by the management.

Too much smallĀ  not organized enterprises and too close to the beach also become problem to tourist, tourist not easily do beach activities due to their existence.

Hopefully there will be more effort from the local government to make more valuable tourist experience, as well as to increase the grade of the beach in front of tourist eyes, and make more money to local government and local enterprises / community2015719134056 IMG_20150720_090213.