In the field of transportation, air transport is one of transportation that has technological advantages and speed compared to other transportation mode. Airport as the home base of air transportation take a significant role in this industry, the readiness to compete in the service sector. In this case the focus is tourist information.

Halim International Airport is an airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. The airport is also used as the headquarters of the Air Force Operations Command I (Koops AU I) Air Force. Earlier this airport named Cililitan Airfield. Airport Halim operates being commercial airports starting on January 10, 2014 to ease Soekarno-Hatta Airport where judged overcrowded.

One important partofthe serviceuser’sservices atHalim Airport is tourist information. Tourist informationis a unitunderthe Department of Jakarta Tourism, Jakarta’s Tourism growth affectedbya variety of information that tourists can get. Attractions sales also influenced bythe role ofongoingpromotions.

Passenger satisfaction is a key performance indicator for airport operations. International airports located in different regions or countries by and large do not compete with one another. Passengers often do not have a choice between airports, regardless of price and quality levels of airport services. In other words, passenger demand for airport services is likely to be relatively inelastic (Doganis, 1992).

Service quality as perceived by customers is a comparison between expectations and performance (Parasuraman, Zeithaml,& Berry, 1985).

Grönroos (1990) stated that the overall perception of service quality is the gap between customers’ expectations and actual experiences. Service quality is perceived as being good when a customer’s experience equals their expectation. In summary, service quality is a comparison between customer expectations and experiences and is measured by the performance of service delivery.

Because passengers are airports’ main customers and their first impressions of airport facilities and services may influence their feelings toward and evaluations of airports, it is essential for airports to provide services with safety, comfort, and convenience in an economic manner (Martin-Cejas, 2006).

Halim Airport provides information center, even thought not specific for tourist (Tourist Information center). The information given by the desk-help is very minim, their understanding of Jakarta’s Tourist attraction is very minim. Even they cannot show the nearest hotel location. We cannot see any brochure on their desk or any pamphlet for tourist.

We believe, Halim Perdana Kusuma is one of the main gates for Jakarta’s national and international tourist. Jakarta’s local government need to take part in this issue. They need to provide Tourist Information center professionally.20151024161759 20151024162437 20151024162518