Budget hotels have traditionally been positioned at the lowest extreme of the value-for-money equation, offering basic accommodation for relatively short periods of time at affordable prices. However, the general increase in guest expectations and the emergence of more upscale budget and design budget hotels have raised the standards across all sectors. As a result, many budget brands have introduced modern design, up-to-date in-room technology and select F&B facilities in order to appeal to the ‘new generation’ of guests, attract longer stays, build loyalty and command higher rates.

Fave Hotel
Fave hotel is under Archipelago International, an Indonesia’s largest operator of hotels, condotels, resorts, serviced suites and branded residences, spanning more than 15,000 rooms and apartments under management for property owners in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. The Fave hotel concept is new and imaginative select service hotels for smart business and leisure travelers who appreciate style, functionality and good value.Inexpensive, fresh, attractive, contemporary and simple are the attributes that make fave hotels so surprisingly different and destined to become the favorite choice for smart, budget-minded travelers.The smart design and clever use of space in the hotel’s 100 to 250 guest rooms will be aimed at encouraging guest productivity while facilitating relaxation. In designing fave hotels have strived to avoid the “cookie cutter approach” to budget class branded hotels. Several different versions of the interior and facade designs are presented to hotel developers and they are strongly encouraged to adopt one in its entirety according to cost, location and customer profile. Flexibility is key-preserving the essence of fave hotels while still developing unique hotels – each one slightly different to the next. (www.favehotel.com)

Fave Hotel Restaurant

Food and beverage operations comprise a significant proportion of the industry. These businesses operate in a highly competitive environment as a consequence of a number of factors. First, there is a downturn in the global and domestic economies with a corresponding decrease in business across the tourism industry (Failte Ireland, 2010; Pitta, 2010). Second, there has been a rise in market demand for, and expectations of, in-house facilities, quality of service and products and value for money (Jones,2009; Hotel and Catering Review, 2010 ), where visitors want to experience excellence at all levels of service, which can be readily recognized as good value for money. Third, hotel capacity has increased by 40% in the eight years from 2000. This growth contributed to the increasingly competitive environment and an over capacity in the sector. Food and beverage operations expanded exponentially in the same period with severe competition in the sector (Kincaid, Baloglu, Mao and Busser, 2010).


20151202090301Fave Hotel Zainul Arifin Restaurant; Modern design

The above picture really figure the “new generation” of guest, the restaurant design represent middle age business man and young executive, bright color with minimalist design. Formal restaurants are quite boring for the young executive, the happy and modern ambiance are young executive profile the aim is make the guest more productive in relaxing way.

Research carried out by Leinwand, Moellier and Shiriram (2008) indicate that consumers are making significant changes to spending and are eating at less expensive restaurants and order less food when they dine out.

In addition, Hartwell and Edwards (2009) suggest that people are shopping more locally and are buying seasonal and artisan produce where they offer value.

20151202090422Fave Hotel Zainul Arifin Restaurant; Quality coffee but less price

20151202092839Fave Hotel RestaurantZainulArifin; Cheap yet provide exclusive lunch.

Young executive can have their classy lunch with affordable price, the expensive hotel lunch already left behind by fave hotel, the great value of lunch offered by fave hotel.

The quality has to be the priority, even in budget price; this is the new paradigm of lodging industry nowadays. Five stars hotel now have more competitors to face than before.