As Fache´ (2000) has observed, one of the most important developments in the tourism industry is the growing attention to service quality from the customer’s perspective. Among all customer demands, quality service has been increasingly recognized as a critical factor in the success of any business (Gronoos, 1990; Parasuraman et al., 1988)

Service quality is crucial to the success of any service organization. Since customers participate in delivery and consumption of services, they interact closely with various aspects of organizations. Hotels with good service quality will therefore improve their market share and profitability (Oh and Parks, 1997).

Research carried out in 101 companies in the service provision field (Zemke, Schaff, 1989) show the following results:

− Managers are “obsessed” with listening to the changeable wishes, needs and expectations of their customers, and the wish to respond to them.

− A solidly defined strategy of servicing “inspired by consumers” is created by managers in their companies, and transferred to the staff.

− Managers develop and maintain a customer-friendly system of providing services.

− Managers look for, and then inspire and develop staff that is in direct contact with consumers.

The service sector company manager looks for a “balance between the human factor and technology, between expenses and profit and, after all, between quality and productivity” (Gummesson, 1993).

JW Marriott Credo

(J. W. Marriott Jr.: Forbes Magazine): “First and foremost, we put people first. Then we pursue excellence, act with integrity, embrace change, and serve our world.

The first item of the five has been our company credo since my parents’ era. “Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your customers” was the daily mantra that my brother, Dick, and I heard from our father while we were growing up.

The other four values stretch back in time to the earliest days of the company, 30 years before we ever thought about building our first hotel, to our popular Hot Shoppes restaurants. Customers could count on spotless dishes and shiny floors (“Pursue excellence”), an ever-growing menu (“Embrace change”), honest value for their money (“Act with integrity”) and a true sense of community second to none (“Serve our world”). First and foremost, we put people first. Then we pursue excellence, act with integrity, embrace change, and serve our world. MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL, INC. (NYSE:MAR) is a leading lodging company with more than 2,600 lodging properties in the United States and 64 other countries and territories.”

At Your Service Program

(JW Marriott News, Washington, DC – 12 January 2005) The pre-arrival planning service and “virtual concierge” build upon the success of the At Your Service® system already in place at full-service hotels.  Rather than calling various numbers to request different services, guests simply press the At Your Service® button from their in-room phones to speak with one guest service associate.

“The pre-arrival planning service and ‘virtual concierge’ are based exclusively on feedback from guests, who asked for information about their stay that is personalized, reassuring and timely,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing Rita Cuddihy.  “According to our research, more than 80 percent of guests said they’d be more likely to book their next trip with Marriott if they received this type of service.”

At a growing number of hotels and resorts, the service will be expanded as a “virtual concierge.”  Guests will be able to reserve spa treatments, room service for delivery upon arrival, and other amenities specific to each hotel.  They may also request complimentary amenities that each hotel offers, such as extra pillows, miniature refrigerators and early check-in/late check-out.  Marriott plans to continue adding useful and timely information and services as it expands the “virtual concierge.”


At Your Service Button

JW Marriott really understand how to treat their guess special through all aspects, the combination between technology and human touch aspects blended in a very special way in At Your Service Program. This program can be said as an extra mile service, one button that functions beyond our expectation. I proved myself when getting direct experience while stay at JW Marriott Jakarta in November 2015, the At Your Service Staff could fulfill my information needs and request, starting from TV channel question until answering my question regarding At your Service Program. JW Marriott really make us feel so special.