Kuda (Horse) Lumping Dance Arts is a dance that played using equipment such as clone horse made from woven bamboo. Kuda Lumping dance rhythmic seems to reflect the spirit of heroism and military aspects of the past, which is a horse cavalry. It can be seen from the movement of the horse dancer; dynamic, rhythmic and aggressive, like a cavalry movement amid the battlefield.

There is no exact record of Kuda Lumping dance history. The history passed down from generation to generation from one generation to the next.

The history of Kuda Lumping dance is showing the support of the common people to the cavalry of Prince Diponegoro in facing Dutch colonizers. There is also a version that says that Kuda Lumping dance is depicting the story of the struggle of Raden Patah, assisted by Sunan Kalidjaga, against the Dutch colonialists. Another version says that, the dance tells the story of Mataram war forces led by King of Mataram I, to face the Dutch troops.

Kuda lumping dance is popular, especially in the area of East Java, Malang, Blitar and Tulungagung. Usually Kuda lumping is performed in the specific events, for example, welcoming the honour guest, a celebration event on Prayer which granted the Almighty.

The performance led by a leader


Does Kuda lumping performance involve ghosts?

Public known that this Kuda lumping performance always involves ghost in the supernatural attractions and smelled magic. Like the dancer will eat glass, fire, walking on broken glass and fire, lifting heavy objects, slashed the knife, hacked with machetes.
It seems like this is reflecting a growing form of supernatural forces of the Java kingdom, the non-military support during the fight against the Dutch colonists.
Before kuda lumping dance performed, there are always 2 leader (spiritual leader who has supernatural powers) are tasked to defend the weather not to rain. The second leader, served and maintained the environment of supernatural interference, restore dancer trance and controlling spirits pervaded the dancer. They ask Almighty God to protect their performance, the event will run safely. They provide offerings before Kuda lumping dance event held, in the form of flowers, rajamala banana, young chicken, rice, etc.

Seeing from our belief, the attraction will seem impossible to be done in conscious condition, they are controlled by something that is not their self. I witnessed when a kuda lumping leader get trance, a dialogue with the players who possessed, speaks with a moaning voice with Javanese ancient accent, one of the possessed dancer said that he already 800 years old, come from Mount Kidul and would return if his demand is fulfilled. The Kuda lumping trance dancer admitted that if they were not remember anything that had been done.

The possessed dancers