On Wednesday, December 18th, 2013, Hotel Management of BINUS University had sharing time with a guest lecture who is a Human Resource Director of Ritz-Carlton Jakarta : Mrs. Mellani Solagratia. Such an honor for us to listen directly her experiences as a Human Resource Director, about daily activities & duty of human resource and qualifications to be a human resource personnel.

Human Resource is one of the most important part in company, because it has many important functions and works to maintain many things in the company asset, and every human resources that include in a company . Human Resources Management is a process of dealing with various problems and challenges in terms of the staffs, personnels,labours, managers and other workers to support the company for achieve specified goals.

Mrs. Mellani said that to be a part of the Human Resource isn’t always from psychology education background. In reality, some of the Human Resource staffs ar from hotel management background or those who have worked as the front liner previously (waiter, receptionist). The most important thing is they are ready to adapt on the Human Resource Management functions . All people with different educational backgrounds could be part of the HRD, as long as they have an educational background, passion and the most important is a good attitude . Mrs Mellani said, the most important thing to be good hotelier is :attitude and discipline. Skills can be sharpened while working in the hotel, but attitude is the basic requirement.

She said , as a Human Resource Director has a lot of duties. One of them is the Human Resource function needs to put the right people in the right place which is in HRD so they could do the same thing on overall organization of a company, to put a right human resources position with the right people. Furthermore, Human resource function is developing and evaluating the employees, and also provide a briefing or training to improve employees to the maximum performance. The last but not least, the Human Resource function is to give an appreciation and awards to employees who have good performances to increase the motivation on work for all employees and more creative in working for the company. Maintaining the staff is the harder rather than developing the staffs therefore a good treatment, appreciation, attention and creating a convinience working atmosphere is important.

As a Human Resource Director, she should give attention to employees who work so if one day there is a change, we can give you the sense that they can accept the changes and we need to have a lot of networking in order to put the right people in the right place.

Mrs. Mellani gave us a lot of knowledges about human resource.  We want to say thank you very much to Mrs. Mellani Sollagratia.


Written by:

Stella Nathalia Ignacia


Verianty Octavia

Binusian 2017 / Class 01PE1