My awesome journey started when I choose the right path to have my first internship at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan. The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan gave me opportunity to learn and grow as Guest Relation trainee.

The very first thing I learned as Guest Relations before face the guest was hotel’s information and facilities. I need to memorized and know all of it so I can help our guests. Besides handling the guests, as a Guest Relations you need to do some admin task. And for doing admin task you need to know how to use Opera and Material Control system first. All the admin task I did was delivering a welcome letter, order amenities for VIP guests, order special amenity for Korean and Japanese guests, make apology letter, make welcome letter, check longstay guest and make traces, prepare in room check in for tomorrow’s arrival, check milestone guests, update guest’s preference, and many more.

The Ritz-Carlton has certification test for all of new ladies and gentlemen that is called Day 21 Certification. In Day 21 certification, we had a test about hotel information and facilities, Marriott properties in Indonesia, Credo, the employee promise, service note, etc. I got a perfect score for my Day 21 Certification test and my manager appreciate it by gave me a First Class card.

First Class Card for Having Perfect Score on Day 21

After doing all of the admin task for about a month, finally I got chance to learn about how to do in room check in according to The Ritz-Carlton standard. I feel like a real Guest Relations and I am so proud of it because not many hotels let trainee do check in process, especially in room check in. I was standby at the lobby all my shift long to greet the guests and do in room check in for every guests. It was so hard and I couldn’t feel my legs at first. As time flies I was so comfortable doing my job as Guest Relations. My manager also let me to help Guest Relations team to achieved their everyday’s goals that our Executive Manager of Rooms set for us. I can made some memorable moment with the guests which is called WOW Story. There was a guest who mentioned my name on Gallup for my good work. Some of them also rely thank you message for me to my manager.

Not just doing all of the admin task and do in room check in, I do also play. Yes, play with the kids, Ritz Kids! I got chance to play with some kids on our regular event that we held on every holiday time. We did make a letter for parents, made some origamis, watched animation movies, and played some games. It was hard since the kids were so active but we had fun together.

with Sebba, Ritz Kids

With Raymond, Ritz Kids

Luckyly, I experienced outing with Guest Relations team in a hotel. We ate together, laugh together, exchange gift, sharing about our work, what’s need to be improved on our work, how was our first impression, and many more. They are all just like family for me,

Exchange Gifts on Guest Relation Outing

All the staff in The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan are super great and friendly. It was so great to work with them because they made good work environment. They help me out and gave me some advices which is so good for me and my work. My Guest Relations team gave a suprise for my birthday. They also gave me a teddy bear as a gift. I feel like The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is my home away from home where work is not a stressful thing!

Birthday Surprise from Guest Relations Team