Banyan Tree Ungasan is my second place for internship, and I am working in Human Resources  department as Human resources and learning admin. To be honest I never had expectation about HRD and Learning that is the reason I choose this department because in my second internship I am advised to work in back office.

It turns out that 6 months working here is the best part in my life. I got a lot experience, I learn a lot of things, even though I got tough moment in first months, because I do a lot of paper work, with the details things, but this is change my character for sure.  As HRD team I should take care the staff which is make me close with them. In Learning Department I handle a lot of evens  like associates team building, associates afternoon tea every 2 months, presentation for candidate intern, as motivator, and as leader for intern, and in this department I have learned to work with people of different temperament and personality,  I have become better at multitasking, learn to adapt to changing situation and environments, to be more creative person, and maintain effective performance under pressure.


For what I have contributed to this hotel I am awarded as Best Intern of The Month in November 2016. Definitely it has been pleasure and honor to me, since in Banyan Tree Ungasan there are no boundaries between staff, executive committee, and General Manager. It seems I found best boss, friend, and family under Banyan Tree Ungasan.



-Milla Mutia-