For me Life is all about happiness, chance and challenge. What I mean by happiness is, when you do what you really want, and you are happy about it. Chance is when people give you the opportunity to do what makes you happy. Challenge is when you are being tested by chance, to achieve your happiness.

I was given a chance by Chef Stefu Santoso to represent Indonesia in a Culinary Competition in Thailand (Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge 2016).

I had 2 months to practice, and it’s all about sacrifice, pressure and sometimes you face a dead end when you just want to give up. 2 months full of tears, back pain and insomnia because you keep thinking about what you can improve the next morning, 2 months being full eating the same food you practiced for every single day. It is really hard when you have to bear your country’s pride on your shoulders.

But it was worth all the sacrifice, tears and pain when you hear your name and your country were called to the stage and the affirmation echo from the applause. Bronze wasn’t my target at all but despite that, it’s all about happiness, all about the chance, all about challenge. It doesn’t matter if you get a gold or you don’t get anything at all, as long you are happy with the chance of doing challenges.

_Mei Ying Oh_

Medal and Certificates
Competition at  Thailand