As I can remember, I never have a dream to be a Chef.  Truthfully, after graduated from my high school I don’t know where I want to continued my study, just blank empty headed.  As we know here in Indonesia the enrollment for new students is on September, so at the last moment I had a test at Hotel Academy.   At that time hotel school is very unpopular.  My parents disagreed because its only academy, they want me to study at the university. At the time I started my study at Hotel Academy, I decided to finish my study on time so I can get to work.  And I have my diploma in 3 years.  Again I’m confused.  Because I don’t know which department should I apply?  My dad gave an advised “choose kitchen”, because as a chef even though you already getting old industry will still looking for you.   Then at that time I decided to become a Chef.  At that time I don’t know becoming a chef is very tough road and a long journey full of pain and sacrifice.  If you want to become a Chef, you have to be ready for it.  Here what I can share with all of you who want to become a chef.  Chef Life is…..

  1. No special occasions, such birthday, religion day, wedding, public holiday, weekend (the calendar all is black color)
  2. Relationship is very hard, because you’ll be at the kitchen most of the time. But once you meet your soul mate it will be a long life friendship. And I’m lucky to have it.
  3. You will almost have open wounds, burnt, skin out on your hands and arms. In my experienced I have thirteen stitches on my left wrist and oil burn on my right arm (such an idiot to have that accident).
  4. Back pain all the time.
  5. Pain in your feet because of 12 to 16 hours standing at kitchen
  6. If you are a woman, they won’t remember it. You have to work as the same like a man.
  7. There’s no sick leave, in 23 years I’m working I have a week of sick leaves. It’s not much I guess.
  8. At the end parents will difficult to understand the chef life.
  9. There’s no place for mistake.  Because sorry is not working in the kitchen.
  10. You will be either skinny or fatty.
  11. Stressful life. Sometimes in your dream you still think about your job for tomorrow.
  12. “Yes Chef” is the only answer as long as you still not running your own kitchen.
  13. A long …..Long way to become a Chef. That for sure, I can guarantee.

After all if you really have a passion to become a chef then you do it.  Don’t be afraid of anything I just explained, just do the best and always “Follow the Rules” so nobody can’t touch you or destroyed you.

I like being a chef, because once you join with the culinary world you will have a life time friends, you can go around the world wherever you want and the company will pay you, you can choose whatever you want to be your career at the very end, you can eat whatever you want, you will be working with the best and expensive ingredients, and you will never get bored with your job because you can always make an innovation.

I’m  a Chef…and that’s my life….a life that I never have regretted….will you choose to become a chef….?

Chef Eva my dearest partner in crime
Chef Agung and Chef James Best Friend Forever 23 years already