In purpose of expanding university student’s knowledge about how to well-escort guest right and good, therefore a guest lecture for the Hotel Management degree’s students, especially for those who took  which is stands for Hotel Operation Services in Binus University will be held.

Guest Lecture is a program that held by invinting an industry/company/others outside the university to share knowledge and experience based on the current topic. Beside, we also held a campus tour to show our Hotel Management laboratorium which used for the students to practice the things the had learn, such as Front Office, House Keeping, Restaurant, and Kitchen. Teachers and committees have done some meetings so that this program could be held beyond the expectations.

The first thing to be discussed is the time to hold the Guest Lecture, the decided time should be exact for the students to attend without any problem aside another activity

And in the end, commitees decided to choose 14 June 2017 at 9.00 – 13.00 as the exact time for the program to start. After decided the time, next is to discuss the theme and topic to be delivered on the day, and the output of the meeting, we decided to choose “VIP Guest” as our theme/topic and inviting the Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta to present it.

The reason why we choose all above is because escorting guest in hotel management will be an important task in real life especially escorting the VIPs. We choose Dharmawangsa because they have butler service. The Dharmawangsa Hotel sends their representatives, Ms.Anastasia Nila who is Front Office Asstitance, Mr.Yayan Ahdiat the Head Butler, and Mr.Alexander Nayoan as the General Manager. They will give us knowlegde towards the topic of VIP guest and butler service.

Next, we are also has been preparing all of the other stuff, such as rundown, documentation and others needed things. Commitees have also ask 2 Hotel management partner, Carolyne Lo and Nathania to have a role in the Guest Lecture program. They will escort the guest from the Dharwangsa Jakarta.

Before The Day, commitees and liaison officer (LO) will do briefing for the job description of each divisions, such as documentation, attendance, and even welcomingpower point for the Guest Lecture to be done exactly as the decided rundown.

-Committee of Guest Lecture 14 June 2017-

Hanny Ardayani

Gavin Sigar

Vivian Giovanni

Carolyne Lo