Started from July 11th, 2017 when Binus University met with the Victorian Government delegation to discuss about “Australian Grass-fed Goodness Cooking Competition”.


Chef Tim Hollands explained the differences of grass-fed beef with regular beef


Prior the cooking competition, Government of Victoria, Australia along with Chef Tim Hollands held “One Day Master Class Training Session” that were organized and took place at each school between 25th September 2017 – 06th October 2017.

Chef Tim Hollands and Binusian 2019 after cooking class


The Training Class at Binus held on 28th September 2017.  At that session Chef Tim explained about the differences of grass-fed beef and regular beef. He also teach how to cooked grass-fed beef that will use in the competition, so the contestant can get the best result of the beef.


Chef Arief, Chef Nurul, Bapak Irawan, Ibu Yuliana, Ibu Belinda, Chef Tim Hollands


Thank You for the sharing knowledge Chef Tim Hollands..