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Indahyani, T., Sofiana, Y., & Yuniarso, A. (2018). REINFORCEMENT IDENTITY OF TOURISM VILLAGE AT DUSUN WANGUN -BANDUNG. ICCD, 1(1), 290-294.

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Abstract – As an effort to support the tourism promotion of Dusun Wangun tourism village, it is crucial to develop a souvenir design strategy for the village including product display arrangement. The unique souvenirs play a role in strengthening the identity of tourism village that potentially attract more tourists to visit the village and purchase the unique souvenirs. It is expected that with the purchase of unique souvenir products that produced by local people and inspired by coffee, as one of the superior products of the village, might potentially improve the welfare of the local community and support the sustainability of coffee plantations. The method used in this research is literature data review to gather various information of local souvenirs and design, field work survey and observation, interview, sweart application, workshop training analysis, prototyping, design implementation and exhibition as part of product testing and evaluation. The output of this community development is the improvement of skill and knowledge of local women community. In addition, there are also a video documentation of the training processes and a “story telling” of product catalogue that contains the souvenir design and production process documentation for further education and product promotion.

Keywords: Souvenir, identity, tourism village, local community, sew art