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Many techniques based on understanding have given meaning to creative tourism and have established the basics of creative tourism. Many terms are obtained such as creative economy, creative city, creative business, creative governance to creative tourism. Creative tourism has been stimulated as a new form of tourism with more forms of activity. This study focuses on the batik industry in kampung batik Kauman, Pekalongan. The research method use with theoretical lens approaches or perspectives in qualitative research, and advocacy perspectives that shape the types of questions asked, inform how data is collected and analyzed. In this study it was found that batik as a creative industry has an impact on the tourism sector: 1) batik festival as an innovation carried out in developing branding strategies; 2) uniformity in marketing is needed so that healthy competition occurs. Batik synergy has been able to attract tourists and local economic development; 3) tourism facilities and infrastructure based on local communities are supporters of creative tourism activities. Lack of time in observation, so there are aspects that have not been analyzed. In the future that all stakeholders are involved to study and develop the concept of creative tourism towards sustainable tourism in the kampung batik Kauman.