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This study identifies the partnership pattern carried out by the Gunung Api Purba tourist village in Nglanggeran Patuk Gunungkidul. Collaboration with multiple stakeholdersis conceptualized in the Penta Helix model. The realization of a synergistic and collaborative partnership will certainly advance the tourism village to be competitive in the global market. We use primary and secondary data in our investigations. The Analytical Hierarchy Process approach is used to support collaborative decisions in the Penta helix model collaboration. We conclude that the Local Government plays a key role in the Pentahelix cooperation pattern with a result value of 0.447. The Second is the Community with a value of 0.165 then the third order is academics with a value of 0.139. The fourth-order is business actors with a value of 0.139 and finally the role of the Media with a value of 0.105. Furthermore, policy patterns that can be implemented to develop Gunung Api Purba Tourism Village Area consist of (1) Regulation and Supervision have the highest value 0.234; (2) promotion and information distribution of 0.218; (3) provision of employment 0.211; (4) active participation in a tourist environment of 0.194; (5) scientific studies and training of human resources with a value of 0.142.
Keyowords: Tourist village, Penta Helix Model, Analytical Hierarchy Process