On April 15, 2021, a second guest lecture was held for the Front Office Management course. Today’s speakers are Mr. Radi Aulia as a Guest Experience Manager and Ms. Josephine Rosalia Kurnia as a Guest Experience Ambassador at Gran Melia Jakarta. Also it was attended by other representatives Mr. Prabu S as a Human Resources Talent at Gran Melia Jakarta. Josephine Rosalia is a graduate student from BINUS Hotel Management (Binusian 2018)

The topic for this guest lecture is “Scheduling and Daily Routine in Front Office Department”. Participants who attended were BINUS University students starting from the 2nd, 4th and also 6th semester students.  

The opening began with an introduction from Ms. Josephine and she told about when she was a student at BINUS University and the times when she was still a trainee. This was followed by a session on presenting the material, by explaining what the duties of the guest experience were.   

The presentation of the material was continued by Mr. Radi Aulia, where he explained about the duty roaster. How to make a good and correct duty roaster, tips for making a duty roaster, mistakes that are often made when making a duty roaster and the benefits that can be obtained from making this duty roaster.  


Next is the question and answer session. Students or participants are asked to ask several questions. In this guest lecture, Gran Melia Jakarta gave a surprise in the form of giving e-wallet to students who actively participate in this guest lecture. 

Next session continued by giving e-certificate to Mr. Rudi Aulia and Ms. Josephine Rosalia Kurnia as a form of gratitude and appreciation from the BINUS Hotel Management for being speakers at this guest lecture. 

To close the guest lecture, a group virtual photo was held and also an announcement for the winners of the most active students. It was decided that there would be 2 winners for this guest lecture and the winners werLaurencia Feriska from the 4th semester student and Clarissa Dementieva from the 2nd semester student. 


Thank you Gran Melia Jakarta for the support.