On June 3rd , 2021, Hotel Management from Binus University do the collaboration with Raffles Jakarta to make a guest lecture session.  A guest lecture was held for the Front Office Management course. Today’s speakers are Ms Hubertha Affendi as an Assistant Director of Room in Raffles Jakarta and Ms. Stella Clarissa from Raffles Residence 

The topic for this guest lecture is “Managing Guest Loyalty”. Participants who attended were BINUS University students starting from the 4th and also 6th semester students. Also joined in this session is Ms. Stella (an alumnae from BINUS Hotel Management) .


The opening began with an question and answer session. Ms. Etha explained about how to manage guests loyalty beside the question. There are 7 question. The first question is about how front office or hospitality industry keep their guest loyalty. Ms. Etha explain about the new procedure and new technology in Raffles Hotel during the pandemic. Ms. Stella explained about what is the difference of Raffles Hotel and  Raffles Residence and the procedure in the Raffles Residence. 

Miss Etha and Miss Stella during the Lecturing session.


Question and answer session continues until the list of questions is complete, then continues with questions from participants.

Question & Anwser Session. Callista as one of the student during the Q&A Session.


This was continued by giving e-certificate to Ms. Hubertha Affendi as a form of gratitude and appreciation from the BINUS Hotel Management for being speaker at this guest lecture.


A token of appreciation for Miss Etha.


The last session of the guest lecture was closed with a group photo session 


Thank you Raffles Jakarta and Miss Bertha for your valuable support.