On Oct 30th, 2021, Hotel Management from Binus University do the collaboration with Rational PT. Sukanda Djaya to make a guest lecture session. A guest lecture was held for the Kitchen Operation and Asian Cuisine Courses. Today’s speakers are Mr. Dani Adhi Pratama as a Chef Consultant Food&Beverages Equipment PT. Diamond Cold Storage-Sukanda Djaya

Chef Dani Adhi Pratama

The topic for this guest lecture is “Introduction to Combi Steamer Cooking by Rational”. Participants who attended were BINUS University students from the 1st semester and 3rd semester of Culinary Art Students.

In this session Chef Dani explains all about the rational oven, such as Combi-Steamer Technology, the Three Important Cooking Modes, Understanding the Mechanism and Technology that does more.

Thank You PT. Sukanda Djaya for the sharing session.