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The interest of a traveler, especially the millennial generation has shifted in terms of accommodation. Accommodation is not just a temporary place to stay while they are traveling. The millennial generation, which is currently doing a large number of tourism activities, likes to look for new, spontaneous, unique, authentic and personal adventures. The type of accommodation chosen and preferred, especially unique one, will make the millennial traveler come back and stay there. This study aims to determine how much product uniqueness influences re-purchase intention. Case study was carried out at Kini Luxury Capsule Hotel Jakarta. Product Uniqueness indicators such as aesthetic and functional kits, perceived uniqueness, and general desire for unique products are proposed to have the effect on the indicators of re-purchase intention, namely referential interests, explorative interests and preferential interests. The data analysis technique used is multiple linear regressions. The results of the study indicate that product uniqueness has a significant effect on re-purchase intention. The Implications of this study is for hotel industry to do more innovations and creation to make a unique product in hotel to influence customer’s desire to repurchase