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The purpose of this study aims to develop and test a conceptual model of the relationship between a website quality toward online purchase decision in hospitality Industry. The discussion in this study focuses on (1) the effect of Usability of the website on purchase decisions;(2) the effect of ease of use of the website on purchase decisions;(3) the effect of entertainment of the website on purchase decisions; and (4) the effect of complimentarity of the website on purchase decisions. Primary data for the research were obtained using a questionnaire distributed to website user on each website. The websites analyzed were traveloka. com, pegipegi. com and booking. com. The participants were recruited using purposive sampling method. All the respondents were already using one of the websites services at least 1 time in the last 12 months. The research data will be analyzes using multiple linier regression. This research provides an understanding of website quality towards online booking and the effect to build purchase decision from customer.