Who know where Chile is?

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, on 27th October 2022, some students from Hotel Management specifically from Hotel Operation Services streaming program had attended a session from Embassy of Chile in Indonesia. It is a Guest Lecture Session part of Bar & Beverage Operation Class with the topic,” Understanding Wine from Chile”.

The students got the new knowledge since formerly we didn’t recognize Chile as one of the wine producers. Mr. Dan Borzutzky as the Trade Commissioner explains Facts about Chile such as:

  • Number 1 global exporter of salmon.
  • Popular sport after Soccer is Rodeo
  • Chilean cherries were exported and 92% goes to Asia
  • Chile has desert and known as world’s largest desert.

After explaining the facts about Chile, Mr Dan explains about the Chilean Wine. Some knowledges for our new insights are the wine region in Chile, the grapes variety in Chile in relation with the region and the terms of the label in the wine bottle.

Opening greets for Mr. Dan Bortzutzky
Mr. Dan Borzutzky explains of wine history in Chile

After his presentation, Mr. Dan had a surprise. He gave one bottle of Chilean wine as a prize for student who answer the question about wine knowledge. Kenzo Laluan is the lucky student who answer the question correctly.

The session followed by Ibu Jeanne from PT JADDI as the Chile and Argentina Brand Manager. With her expertise, Ibu Jeanne explains what Wine as the beverage and the type of wines is along with the storage requirement and the characteristics. Ibu Jeanne led the Wine Testing session started by how to hold the wine glass properly and to swirl the glass. Next, Ibu Jeanne explain the 5 S steps of testing Wine.

Ibu Jeanne- Wine Instructor
Ibu Jeanne in action


In this occasion, students and lecturers are testing the Frontera brand with these grape varieties:

Chilean Wine- Frontera Brand
  • Chardonay
  • Red Wine
  • Rose
  • Late Harvest also known as sweet wine

Not only testing the taste of the wines, but we also learn how to find a good pairing for each variety. For example, Rose is paired with tasty and spicey dish such as Sambal.

Left: Chardonay (White Wine), Right: Rose
Left: Late Harvest (Sweet Wine), Right: Red Wine
Ingredients for pairing : crackers, cheese, fruits, condiments: chili sauce, tomato sauce, salt & pepper

Today, BINUSIAN are not just gaining about Chile in general, but also tasted one of the good products from Chile with different varieties of wines. Such a tremendous experience for BINUSIAN Hotel Management.

We are very grateful for this session and as a token of appreciation, BINUS Hotel Management gave some souvenirs to Mr.Dan and Ms.Jeanne for their valuable sharing and knowledge.

Token of Appreciation for Mr.Dan Borzutzky
Token of Appreciation for Bapak Albert Hasiholan
Token of Appreciation for Ibu Jeanne

Muchos Gracias a la Embajada de Chile en Indonesia.