Hello everyone, my name is Rannie Oges Pebina and I am Binusian 25  majoring in Business Hotel Management. I will share my experience participating in the 4th competition “La Cuisine 2022” during the SIAL InterFOOD Expo in JIEXPO, Kemayoran. In this competition, I took part in class 12, which is the best brownies, where I was challenged to make 2 brownies with different toppings or fillings in 60 minutes and use “bola salju” flour.

Rani practice at Business Hotel Management Kitchen Lab

 Before I took part in this competition, I had participated in the Hospitur competition with my friend but unfortunately, I had not been able to win, therefore I dared to take part in this competition. At first, I was very afraid to take part in this competition because this competition has a much larger scale and is very prestigious, but with the support of my friends and family, I dared to participate.

In this competition, I made 2 brownie dishes, in the first dish I made brownies with strawberry coulis, and for the second dish, I made brownies with cream cheese filling, with the support from Chef Nurul and my other friends I am excited again, and thank God I got a DIPLOMA even though I haven’t been able to get a medal but I am quite satisfied with the results because in participating in this competition I have a lot of experience and knowledge.

 Once again I would like to thank Chef Nurul, Ms Rahel and all BHM lecturers for their support to me, and of course, I am very grateful to Kak Jevanus, Helvira, Kak Bhama, and Ci Ellis for giving me so much knowledge and strength during the process. towguysthe competition and after the competition, Love you  guys happy and very grateful to know you all in my life.

What I learned in this competition is ” It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the important thing is that you come out with knowledge”.

Thank You

Rani – 2501959850