Bachelor of Applied Science (Sarjana Terapan Pariwisata) in Hotel Management aims to offer a vocational education for a successful career in the hotel and hospitality industry. Hotel Management has National Accreditation “A” from BAN-PT and International Certification TedQual from United Nations World Tourism Organizations. Both accreditations ensure the best standards in pursuit of the best education for the students. The program provides comprehensive management as well as valuable knowledge, skills, and attitude to form competitive student proficiency with two streaming to be chosen: Culinary Art and Hotel Operation Services, supporting the hotel standard equipment, system, and technology. Culinary Art streaming concentrate on the culinary competencies in both kitchen and pastry. While Hotel Operation Services streaming concentrates on the food beverage service and room division competencies.

To equip the students with hotel skills, Hotel Management BINUS conduct practical classes from the first semester to the fourth semester. Further, Hotel Management BINUS facilitate students to take study course according to their talents, passion, and interests following Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) for one semester. Students can choose various courses in other study programs, including those located in other cities. By doing so, students are expected to obtain valuable skills and knowledge as their foundation. In addition, the student will have a one-year enrichment program, for instance, industry internship, entrepreneurship, research, study abroad, community development, and specific independent study. Moreover, students who pursue industry internships will have one year of industry work experience in international and multinational hotels: domestic and overseas, as well as other hospitality industries such as restaurant and convention centres.

To in extent, other experiences such as guest lecturers, seminars, workshops, and industry visits complement the teaching and learning activities. Participating in diverse international and national hospitality competitions becomes another fulfilment achievement. Upon graduation, a student will be encouraged to have hotel competencies certifications that are nationally recognized. All in all, all the programs, activities and curriculum has been augmented with international and local content to fully equip graduates in managing diverse hotel operations, followed by a high employment rate in multinational and global hospitality companies and food beverage start-ups.


Catalog 2016/ B2020 (PDF); Catalog 2017/ B2021 (PDF), Catalog 2018/ B2022 (PDF), Catalog 2019/ B2023 (PDF), Catalog 2020/ B2024 (PDF), Catalog 2021/ B2025 (PDF), Catalog 2022/ B2026 (PDF), Catalog 2023/ B2027 (PDF)