Perhaps it is pretty much the audience knows the typical culinary of Batik City. But to be honest it is not culinary village nationally famous enough. The indicator is easy, culinary of Pekalongan are still rarely found in other cities. Therefore, as an effort to introduce more culinary of Pekalongan, let me post some culinary highly recommended to try, especially for you the travelers, which may be passed or stopped at Pekalongan. This is the list:

Nasi Megono
Megono rice has become a culinary icon Pekalongan. Megono itself is made of chopped young jackfruit steamed and marinated with young coconut, delicious taste. Actually megono rice is accompaniment menu. It will be more fully enjoyed by other menu and usually bean cake fritters into a simple menu that makes megono more delicious eaten. Other menus commonly become friends eat rice megono is typical as forward various Pekalongan as beef muscle meat stews, pickles milkfish, chicken curry, lembarang (gravy lodeh) beancurd, and so on.
Megono rice can be eaten all-weather, day-night-morning. In the morning many megono wrap rice seller at the roadside. In the evening, so many sellers megono rice with side dishes lesehan more complete.

Tauto also has become a culinary icon Pekalongan. Thick soup menu with strong flavors tauco is also commonly called soto tauto. Yes, tauto own acronym of Tauco and soto. Unique taste. Java blend flavors (sweet-savory-spicy) with flavors of China (tauco). Another uniqueness is the contents tauto is meat buffalo or kebo. But there is also present with shredded chicken meat. Tauto most delicious eaten hot with slices of rice cake.
Who want to try come to “Tauto Rochmani” in Sayun market (rear Gajahmada shopping street, near the railway station), or PPIP Tauto at Dr Wahidin street, two stalls in presenting tauto kebo. Those who want to try the chicken tauto could come to Tauto Mr. Dul across Setono Pekalongan Batik Wholesale Market.

Garang Asam
The menu is similar to the one rawon but with a thinner sauce. The contents of Garang Asam usually sliced beef or boiled eggs. Sour and freshly taste with a light sauce kluwak. Hmmm… are you interested? Please come to the point Garang Asem “Masduki” in the complex shop Square Pekalongan. If more crowded, get ready to queue…

Pindang Tetel
Well this one opposite Garang Asem. Equally clear soup made from kluwak but far more viscous and turbid. What’s the difference with rawon? Is similar, only slightly sweet taste of caramelized Tetel. The difference with Garang asem, when fierce tamarind seasoning sliced (sliced) and pan-fried, then boiled Pindang Tetel all marinade. No wonder when it looked thick and cloudy. However, it seems guaranteed to make kemlhenger alias fainted!
Do not imagine the contents of Pindang Tetel meat from boiled fish. Pindang Tetel contains trimmed of meat and cowhide plus crackers typical usek Pekalongan. Tetel pindang stalls are worth a try in Buaran Pekalongan, about 5 kilometers south of the town of Pekalongan.

Nasi Uwet
Which is special for that has no restrictions with mutton. Rice uwet like curry goat, but without coconut milk broth that feels more fresh and slightly sweet. Uwet itself consists of mutton plus tripe and offal were tied intestine. You will find uwet rice will be added megono, typical menu Pekalongan. It’s also become more savory and delicious.
Uwet rice stall which is visited by many “Zarkasi stalls” at Jalan Sulawesi. Open from 6:00 a.m. to 14:00 then 17:00 to 22:00 pm reopen hours.

Sate Ayam Kuah
The chicken satay was not different from the Madura-style chicken satay. What distinguishes, there are extra sauce so fresh and delicious eaten. Pioneers chicken satay sauce is Pak Pong is initially selling on the street Hayam Wuruk. Currently children who continued effort Pak Pong-loved culinary Pekalongan residents. If you want to try, you can get chicken satay gravy in the morning, began to open at half past six in the morning. There are some children who sell “Pak Pong”, namely at Jalan Hayam Wuruk, then in front of the Kali Loji temple, and in the street of Sultan Agung.

Tahu Pecel
The menu this one spiced beancurd. When in Jakarta known Ketoprak, or Magelang with Kupat tahu, then Pekalongan have Tahu Pecel that no less delicious. Compared Ketoprak or Kupat tahu, then tahu pecel more generous seasoning the peanut sauce. Including complementary chips will be presented separately to the plate portion anyway! It’s really satisfied to enjoy it.
Tahu pecel contain fried tofu slices and finely chopped raw cabbage. Slices of rice cake will complete so that the menu is worth mentioning glut of food. Tahu pecel will be sell start from evenings. There are two vendors that I recommend are on the street of Salak and Bandung street im front of RS Siti Khadijah.

Capitan is shredded beef is grilled. Meat processing is similar to the style of daging empal Sundanese, but with a flavor that more and more sweet. Named capitan because beef is clamped with bamboo and then grilled. It feels? Tender, savory and sweet, with a distinctive aroma burnt. You can find capitan in stalls megono lesehan generally open at night.

Actually there are many other typical menu that is not already listed. Insha Allah other menus follow. Hopefully other opportunities I will post complete with recipe. Congratulations culinary tour in the City of Batik!