Promoting food tourism in rural areas helps local farmers, producers and small business owners, and helps these rural economies to diversify (Everett & Aitchison, 2008, p. 159). Tourists who venture out into these areas are in search of something authentic and different from what is common for them, and in this way help to foster these types of businesses. Their desire to do so is beneficial and can be seen as sustainable by supporting the local economy – establishments wanting to cater to the demand for local products will source their offerings from local purveyors, which in turn cuts down on food miles (Hall & Wilson, 2008, p. 3) making rural food tourism more environmentally sound.

Sega (Rice) Jamblang is Cirebon local culinary, it also included in Icon of 30 Indonesia Traditional Culinary or IKTI.

Sega Jamblang Cirebon is a typical food that was originally intended for forced labor by the Dutch colonial, who built highways of Anyer to Panarukan, passing through the district of Cirebon.

IMG_20150720_213209Sega JamblangWrapped in teak leaves

Sega Jamblang wrapped in teak leaves, if wrapped in banana leaves the food will less durable. This is because the leaves of teak have pores that help rice quality is maintained even if stored for a long time.

The menu is very diverse, but the price of food is relatively inexpensive, because initially the food is intended for the workers for unskilled laborers in the port and porter.

The menu are chili fries, tofu vegetable, lung (troop), stews liver or meat, cakes, potatoes satay, scrambled eggs / fried eggs, eggs cooked chili fried, stewed fish, salted fish, tofu and tempeh.

sega Jamblang name supposedly comes from a name of village in the west of the city of Cirebon, the village Jamblang, Jamblang, Cirebon. Although named sega jamblang, this diet has absolutely nothing to do with trees or jamblang fruit.

The Sega Jamblang price is affordable, ranging from Rp. 1000 to Rp.6000, with this price every body can enjoy the tasty culinary without broken their wallet, while enjoying Cirebon Tourist Attraction. Come and visit Cirebon.